Hilton Head Island High
Navy Junior Officer Training Corps​​

Plan of the Week​​

Below you can find information about events and weekly agenda for this week in our NJROTC program. ​​

Chain of Command

Schedule for the week

​Commanding Officer
C/LCDR Ashlynn Galm

Ms. E. Amanda O'Nan

​​Senior Naval Science Instructor
LCDR Matthew Pheiffer

Naval Science Instructor
SgtMaj John Wyatt

Executive Officer
C/LT Rhys Evans

October 15  –October 19, 2018
  1. 15 Oct.
    Academics and Drill
  2. 16 Oct.
    Academics & Drill
  3. 17 Oct.
  4. 18 Oct.
    Academics and Drill
  5. 19 Oct.
    Physical Training
  6. 20 Oct
    No Activity
  7. 21 Oct.
    No Actvity
1. OUR ANNUAL MILITARY INSPECTION is this Wednesday October 17th during the 1st and 2nd blocks. All cadets are required to participate, and it is an excused absence. A Naval Officer from the Savannah State University Navy ROTC unit will inspect all cadets' unifroms and will observe our drill team and color guard preform. 

2. IF YOU ARE MISSING ANY UNIFORM ITEMS, please tell your class instructor or class leader today or tomorrow and it will get taken care of. We all want to look our best for our Annual Inspection. 

3. AMI UNIFORM INSPECTION: THE BASICS-- As on any unifrom day, males make sure you have a good haircut and shave, females no fingernail polish, hair arranged to allow correct placement of your garrison cover, and only plain gold or silver ball earring allowed. All cadets should have polished shoes, black socks and white t-shirts, and wrinkle-free shirts and pants. Make sure your ribbons, service stars, rank J-bar and nametag are positioned sorrectly on your uniform.
4. HAPPY 243RD BIRTHDAY TO OUR UNITED STATES NAVY!  October 13th marks the birthday of the U.S. Navy, which traces its roots back to the early days of American Revolution.  Come to ROTC during ILT on Thursday and enjoy a cookout lunch complete with birthday cake!  All cadets, and all faculty and staff are cordially invited.

5. THE SAVANNAH STATE UNIVERSITY NROTC TRIP will be rescheduled for later this month.  We need a full day for this trip, but Friday is a half-day because of parent-teacher conferences.   




   The theme for the Navy’s 243rd Birthday is “Forged by the Sea.” This year’s theme captures the aspirations of every Sailor’s journey in uniform, and conveys the notion that every Sailor is shaped and strengthened by service in the Navy.

It also highlights the fact that our Navy is a team that has been forged, tempered, and toughened over 243 years of maritime operations. And, quite naturally, it speaks to the Navy’s unique and fundamental relationship with the sea.

For 243 years, our U.S. Navy has celebrated the seekers of knowledge and adventure. Our Sailors proudly continue this tradition, so this year, we celebrate the security they provide for all Americans by their creativity, their dedication, and their enterprising sense of adventure.


Commander's Quote of the Week



Sgt Maj Words of Wisdom

 Don't train yourself to always find the easiest way to do something, train yourself to always find the way to do it best.